Distant Healing Explained

Distant or remote healing is a wonderful and effective way to do a healing session without having to travel to a healer. 

As Lightworkers we know that distant/remote healing is possible and that it works. The concepts of quantum physics and “no time, no space” are accepted as the foundation of our healing work – we heal past trauma and karma, we take Shamanic journeys to the spiritual dimensions of reality and we seek guidance and healing in the various cosmological realms of the Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds. We tap into the Divine Source that is infinite and boundless. We transform and realign the energy of people and places, always for the highest good of all involved and based on the premise that energy flows where intention goes.

Given our current circumstances, distant healing work is ideal… Perfect, in fact. We can facilitate healing whilst observing and maintaining social distancing.

All ViTerra healing sessions can be done on a distant/remote basis and here is how it works.

Guided Introduction to Your Distant Healing Sessions

You can use this video below to guide you into the relaxation and healing space that we will share during your distant healing session. 

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