Transform Your Life

After a Reiki, Crystal or Shamanic healing session, clients often ask HOW can they make the changes they desire to live a more fulfilled and happy life. They feel overwhelmed and do not know where begin. All they know is that they need to do things differently.

Transformation coaching is a programme to guide and support you to start living authentically and true – a life that is no longer based on fear, guilt and misplaced obligation. You can make the choice today to live a transformed life and to become unstuck from a life that you no longer want. It may seem daunting, but this programme will provide you with the tools to make lasting changes, take your power back and become the hero of your own story.

The 7-phase approach of this programme is:

PHASE 1: CLARITY OF INTENTION: In this phase we will identify what life situations are driving you to change and what you are hoping to accomplish. We will create the road map to guide you towards transforming your life.

PHASE 2: UNDERSTANDING NEEDS: Here we will delve deeper into where you are along your journey and what are your deeper needs and motivations. This will give us the foundation for future goals and the changes you are looking to make.

PHASE 3: COMMITMENT TO THE JOURNEY: With a clear understanding of your needs we can start looking at possible obstacles to your success and the possibilities of your transformation. The biggest obstacles to making lasting change may be that you do not believe it is possible or you feel held back by all the “bad things” that have happened to you. This phase helps you to shift your perspective of your challenges to find the blessings and the lessons as steppingstones for growth and transformation.

PHASE 4: CLARITY OF DESIRE: So, once you have released the victim, found the meaning in your pain, and embraced the opportunity and responsibility to be your own hero, the next step is to gain clarity about what you truly want. Here we will focus on your authentic desires about the life YOU want and not the opinions, expectations and “shoulds” imposed on you by other people. We will also take a deeper look into WHY you want to make the changes that you desire.

PHASE 5: REASSESSING IDENTITY: For true transformation to take place, it is not only your life circumstances that would need to change – YOU too must change. This phase will focus on your inner journey to address the way you see yourself, to evaluate how you think and behave in life We will explore your archetype personality, your talents, your abilities and you passions—and how these traits all point in the direction of your higher purpose in life.

PHASE 6: TRANSFORMATION: We are now at a point where there should be great clarity on the you want and who you want to be and it is now time to start making very clear, specific life change. In this phase we will devise a path to your end goal and start making those changes. We will also evaluate the areas where you may be stuck, things that may be holding you back or where there is room for growth. We will identify what INTERNAL changes you need to make to become the person who is a match for the life you want.

PHASE 7: SETTING ACHIEVABLE GOALS: This phase will focus on identifying the goals that you will work with and would want to achieve. We will look at the long-term vision you have for your life and the short-term action steps you will take, how to attain these goals and the rewards you will have from achieving your goals.

Ultimately a changed life begins with the first step of wanting something different. This programme will help and support you in your quest of writing you own hero’s story and fulfilling your life’s purpose. It will help you maintain the momentum and deal with the obstacles that you may encounter along the way. You can change the way you are and the way you live… The choice is yours… And the journey starts now…

The 12-Step programme is R250 per 45-minute session, i.e. R3000 total (Discount of 10% applies to upfront payment in full)

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