Coaching Programmes

Empowered Empath Coaching (3-hr Coaching Programme Price @ R1500)

Many of us feel overwhelmed by the energies of other people and the world around us.  Chances are that you are an Empath and what you are experiencing can be experienced as either a curse or a gift.  Discover how to embrace this as a wonderful gift and become an Empowered Empath – use your gift rather that falling victim to it. You can learn this as part of a larger group or in a one-on-one coaching session.

Holistic Wellbeing and High Vibrational Living (3-hr Coaching Programme Price @ R1500)

Holistic health and wellbeing is an approach to life that considers the multidimensional aspects of wellness. It encourages us to recognise the whole person and all its facets/dimensions: physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual. Each of us is an active participant in our own choices and decisions regarding our health, wellbeing and healing processes, including wellness-oriented lifestyle choices.

Meditation Coaching (1-hr Coaching Programme Price @ R600)

Discover how to do meditation effectively. This is a 1-hour coaching session and meditation session to provide you with the foundation for your daily meditation practice.

No prior knowledge or experience is required.

Spiritual Coaching (1-hr Coaching Session Price @ R600)

What is it that your Soul aspires to do and experience? Through Spiritual Coaching we will venture together to find your way back to your Soul’s purpose and explore ways in which you can tap into the unfiltered truth of your Soul and the spiritual guidance that is already within you. There are no limitations on this spiritual path and through Spiritual Coaching you will be guided to let go of the fears, doubts, beliefs and attachments that are holding you back so that you can fully embrace new ideas, new levels of understanding and new ways of being, living an inspired and fulfilling life – a life with purpose – Soul purpose. All sessions can be done in-person or remotely.

Transformation Coaching (1-hr Coaching Session Price @ R600. Full 12-Step Programme Price @  R7200 – discount of 10% applies to upfront payment in full) 

Transformation coaching is a programme to guide and support you to start living authentically and true – a life that is no longer based on fear, guilt and misplaced obligation. You can make the choice today to live a transformed life and to become unstuck from a life that you no longer want. It may seem daunting, but this programme will provide you with the tools to make lasting changes, take your power back and become the hero of your own story.

The 12-step approach of this Transformation programme is:

STEP 1: Creating your road map by identifying what you are hoping to accomplish and the life situations holding you back or driving you to change.

STEP 2: Understanding where you are in your journey and what are your deeper needs and motivations. What are your goals and expectations for your future? What are your your strengths and abilities? What is your script to the life you desire?

STEP 3: To move forward you would need to find out what you truly want… Your dreams and aspirations. Easier said than done, but worth the investigation to gain a better vision of the live you want to create through transformation and why you want to create this life.

STEP 4: Digging into your identity to understand who you really are. What defines you? What are your greatest fears, joys, challenges and gifts? How do you define yourself?

STEP 5: To move forward it is also necessary to identify any obstacles to your success and making the lasting changes to transform your life.  How do you shift your perspective of your challenges to find the blessings and the lessons as steppingstones for growth and transformation?

STEP 6: To transform your life you need to have a growth mindset. What are the things that you can control? How do you start developing a growth mindset? For true transformation to take place, it is not only your life circumstances that would need to change – YOU too must change.

STEP 7: We will further develop your growth mindset but also tackle the concept of self-efficacy, i.e. your ability to achieve results.

STEP 8: Creating an essential understanding and assessment of your core irrational and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from creating and living the life you desire. How do you change these?

STEP 9: With great clarity on the you want and who you want to be and it is now time to start making very clear, specific life changes. We will devise a path to your end goal and start making those changes, evaluating the areas where you may be stuck, things that may be holding you back or where there is room for growth. We will identify what INTERNAL changes you need to make to become the person who is a match for the life you want.

STEP 10: Objectively looking at all your past experiences, how they shaped you and to release yourself from the “prison” of the past through forgiveness. By letting go of the past we can freely and authentically step into our transformed life. 

STEPS 11 & 12: These last two steps will focus on identifying the goals that you will work with and would want to achieve. We will look at the long-term vision you have for your life and the short-term action steps you will take, how to attain these goals and the rewards you will have from achieving your goals.

Ultimately a changed life begins with the first step of wanting something different. This programme will help and support you in your quest of writing you own hero’s story and fulfilling your life’s purpose. It will help you maintain the momentum and deal with the obstacles that you may encounter along the way. You can change the way you are and the way you live… The choice is yours… And the journey starts now…

BONUS - Full Moon and Rose Quartz Meditation

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