Aura & Space Clearing

All ancient cultures burned things of various types for spiritual reasons. The burning of incenses or herbs is known as smudging and there are many reasons why one would smudge. If you feel there is energy in your Aura or environment (work or home) that is emanating a negative or lower vibration, this would often contribute to negative feelings and a lower sense of well-being. Smudging transmutes this negative or lower energy on a vibrational level, ridding the Aura or environment of this interfering energy and leaving behind an energetically balanced and cleansed Aura or environment. Although we might not always be able to sense an energy imbalance we are nevertheless affected by it.

During an Aura or space clearing ceremonial treatment, the smudge stick is lit at a flame. After a few moments, the flame is blown out and the herb continues to smoulder, releasing quantities of smoke into the air. If a space is to be cleared, the smudge stick is carried throughout all parts of the space and if necessary, smoke can be directed into corners with a feather fan. Smudging the Aura entails fanning the smoke around and over the body, transforming stagnant and negative energy in the process.

Many people of all cultures now enjoy smudging. If you somehow feel affected by “bad vibes”, either in your personal Auric space or in your home and work environment, smudging it will dispel those negative energies.

Aura Clearings (including a Balancing Treatment) are ±1.5hrs @ R700

Home Cleanses (average sized home) are ±1.5 – 2hrs @ R2050 (30km Travel & Materials are included)

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