Third Eye Awakening

The Third Eye, also known as the Brow Chakra, is located just above the centre of the eyebrows. It is associated with the pineal gland and resonates with the colour indigo. This Third Eye is associated with our intuition, our inner wisdom, our sense of oneness with the Universe and our expanding perceptions of the nature of reality.

The Third Eye encompasses our higher senses – our spiritual senses that mirror the physical ones but exist at a higher vibration.

If the Third Eye is closed or underactive, you may experience any combination of the following symptoms:

  • Irregular sleep
  • Frequent sickness, migraines and seizures
  • Poor vision
  • Debilitating fear and paranoia
  • Depression and/or anxiety
  • Lack of intuition
  • Feeling that life has no goal
  • Inability to focus and learning disabilities
  • Negative thinking
  • Inability to recall dreams
  • Inability to see the truth
  • No psychic abilities

The Third Eye Awakening Symptoms

When the Third Eye is awakened you may experience a combination of any of the following symptoms:

  • A dull feeling of pressure between the eyebrows and/or increased head pressure that may even result in headaches.
  • Increased intuition.
  • Greater awareness of warning signs for upcoming activities.
  • Increased sensitivity to light.
  • Colours that appear brighter than ever.
  • A general feeling of change and change in perception.
  • Naturally gravitating towards conscious and healthy eating.
  • Sensitivity to anything and anyone toxic.
  • Feeling of increased connectivity with everything.
  • Awareness of increased synchronicities.
  • Change in thought patterns.
  • Increase in lucid and vivid dreaming.
  • Increased psychic powers.

Dangers Opening Your Third Eye

The Third Eye is a very sensitive part of our energy body as it allows you see the unseen. Although the closed Third Eye could have many negative implications for body, mind and spirit, the forced opening of the Third Eye comes with its own risks.

It is quite possible to open the Third Eye when you are in a low vibrational state, or without even balancing your other chakras, however, it is considered less desirable and even dangerous. It may cause maintaining the balance between what is real and what’s not to become somewhat of a dilemma. Being exposed to other realms and dimensions without being in a high and balance vibrational state could overwhelm the psyche and cause problems such as depression, anxiety, nightmares, insomnia and becoming increasingly delusional.

Awakening the Third Eye Safely

To avoid any of the negative experiences associated with Third Eye awakening, recommend that you go through a process of preparation which would support a balanced and higher vibrational state of being. Through the spiritual guidance and support provided by ViTerra Healing, this can be accomplished to make your Third Eye awakening a safe and pleasant experience.

Third Eye awakening should be seen as a process rather than an event. This process constitutes of a series of healing sessions that would culminate in the awakening of the Third Eye and would focus on clearing, balancing and “upping” your vibrational state and provide you with additional support and guidance such as:

  • Setting intention and deciding what the goal for awakening your Third Eye in this specific period of your life or your healing journey is.
  • Grounding – to prevent delusions taking over your life. Don’t rush into opening your third eye, be slow and steady, and go smoothly with the flow.
  • Starting and keeping a dream journal and noting down any interesting thoughts and ideas you have about them. Dreams are an excellent window into the unconscious mind, and it is the unconscious parts of your mind that need to become conscious for awakening to occur.
  • Meditation as a tool in all chakra healing and particularly focusing towards your Third Eye and spiritual perception.
  • The use of healing crystals in all aspects of your life to support a safe and pleasant Third Eye awakening.

One of the most important aspects of Third Eye awakening is to allow yourself to settle into this new way of living – it will only harm you to move on before you are ready. This new way of living is ultimately a new, healed way of being where an awakened Third Eye will bring you the peace and insight you desire. This cannot happen in isolation and needs to become part of your own healing journey.

ViTerra Third Eye Opening Package

To accomplish the safe opening of your Third Eye, ViTerra Healing offers a 5-session Third Eye Healing Package that consists of:

1 x Clearing and Balancing Session

1 x Grounding Session

1 x Heart Centred Session

1 x Third Eye Awakening Session

1 x Integration Session

Each session is ± 1.5hrs long at R580 per session, i.e. R2900 total investment (Discount of 5% applies to upfront payment in full)

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