Intuitive Card Readings

An intuitive card reading is a specific way to gain otherwise hidden information through the use of heightened perceptive, intuitive and empathetic abilities to give you clarity and inspiration for any aspect of your life. This is NOT fortune telling, but rather a way of accessing the Divine for guidance and insight.  

We are often faced with pressing issues, choices and questions in our lives, not knowing which way to go, what choices to make or how to proceed. Our guides and spirit guides are ever-present, providing clarity, guidance and insight. An intuitive card reading provides the bridge between you and your guides to channel their messages and guidance to you. An intuitive card reading can assist you in tapping into your existing but hidden and forgotten inner knowing, knowledge and wisdom to help you reach your fullest potential.

An intuitive card reading may vary from being uplifting and very emotional to strange or off-putting and are just like any session you would have with a trusted adviser, a friend or a councillor. They are enlightening and not something to be feared as they come from a place of love… And love brings forth the light.

An intuitive card reading is wonderful if….

  • You want to feel supported, understood and reassured – whether you have questions about your career, relationships or life purpose
  • You want to move away from fear and into a place of empowerment
  • You want to understand what is happening in your relationships
  • You want to feel confident about making an important decision you are faced with
  • You want to be open to seeing the big picture of your life from a new, uplifting perspective

Intuitive Card Reading are R650

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