Etheric Cord Cutting

We all have etheric cords. We are even born with them. Etheric cords are energy structures that connect to your energy body (aura, chakras, etc.) and extend out of you and connect you with other people, places, animals and even objects. Etheric cords of attachment also provide you with a very accurate way to connect with and tap into someone else’s energy. This gives you an energetic feedback mechanism which allows you to know what others are feeling and perhaps even thinking.

Etheric cords can attach anywhere on your body although there are certain areas of the body which are more common, e.g. etheric cords that connect at and around the Solar Plexus chakra (personal power) tend to be from cords that attach due to normal daily activities. Etheric cords that attached at and around the Sacral chakra (emotions/sexuality) tend to be associated more with romantic partners (past and present).

Once connected, you will receive energetic information from the person you have corded with via this etheric cord. As you get to know someone better, the etheric cord strengthens. This makes it easier to pick up their energy and energetic information, keeping relationships healthy. This is an essential human energetic mechanism allowing us to connect with the world around us.

When you have corded someone, the energies will flow in both directions. It is essential to be aware that cords are not always positive. Some of the symptoms of unhealthy and heavy cording include:

  • Unable to move on
  • Unable to stop thinking or obsessing about a person
  • Frequent conversations in your mind with a person
  • Frequently remembering what they said in the past, feeling their ongoing judgment or criticism
  • Arguments, sometimes daily in your mind with someone (these can be actual psychic arguments)
  • Constant memories or emotions that arise around that person and the time you shared together
  • Temptation to go back to a relationship that no longer serves you
  • Stalking another online through social networking, watching them compulsively
  • Unable to sleep and experiencing insomnia
  • Endlessly processing the past and what happened there
  • Deep feelings of sadness, anger and depression around the past
  • Feeling the need “to get revenge” or a constant awareness of unfair treatment
  • Tendency to cry a lot and feeling like an emotional wreck
  • Turning down other offers and invitations, feeling uninterested
  • Becoming stuck in the past, not looking for new opportunities

Sometimes you can take someone’s energy or have yours taken from us. This can leave you feeling drained energetically. Etheric cords can also be used to attack psychically. It is therefore essential to ensure that your etheric cords are healthy and maintained. If not, cutting the etheric cord can help break the energetic attachments created and can help you to let go and move on, recharge your energy, feel a sense of peace and can bring about new, positive opportunities.

On occasion we could be exposed to more than just an Etheric Cord attachment. Feeling blocked without knowing why may be the result of a toxic or negative Energy Attachment to your aura. This could be in the form of spells and curses, psychic attacks or ill wishes from others. These Energy Attachments can be removed very effectively through a Removal of Attachment Ceremony, clearing your aura from such toxic and draining energies and creating balance, flow and abundance in your life. You will also be given the tools and guidance to protect you from any re-attachment, as well as an aftercare toolkit to support you in the days following the Removal of Attachments Ceremony. During this Ceremony I will close the door. Keeping it closed is ultimately each individual’s responsibility and the aftercare kit is provided to support you in keeping the door shut.

Etheric Cord Cutting Healing Treatments are ±1.5hrs @ R700

A Removal of Attachment Ceremony is ±1.5hrs @ R1750. This includes an Aura Cleanse and Balancing Treatment as well as your Removal of Attachment aftercare kit.

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